How soon will I get to know, if dreaming of you is wasting my time


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One good girl is worth a thousand bitches


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Neato, butt naked in a el camino

Simon Rex (Three Loco)

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So meet me at 11:30. I love it when you talkin’ dirty


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You held the the world like a photograph, Hung up and curled, now it’s torn in half, Too old, too fast, too much for you, Now what the fuck am I supposed to do

Mayer Hawthore

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My nicotine, my blue dream. My hydroponic, candy jelly bean. Can you fix me up ? I’m your number one fiend, be my little pill and just creep into my bloodstream

Justin Timberlake

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Girl, why you never ready


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Dutty wining ‘round all these Jamaicans


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I took a little bit of adderall, and it was working for a while, until I thought about your smile

Mayer Hawthorne

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Do I love you, do I lust for you


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